a Toyota DSU
The SmartDSU Harness

SmartDSU is an interceptor for your Toyota DSU which conditionally blocks cruise control signals, allowing you to use aftermarket L2 systems without losing Automatic Emergency Braking and other OEM features. More info about how it works is available here.

You will need a Panda and Toyota Giraffe in order to use this product, and a Panda Paw is highly recommended for flashing the Panda.

NOTE: Before ordering, please make sure you have an extra Toyota Giraffe and Panda to connect to the SmartDSU harness. The Panda is available from here and the Toyota Giraffe is available from here. Select “Toyota” from the drop down menu to order the Toyota Giraffe.

NOTE 2: If you are ordering from outside the US, please PM me on Discord.